Monday, 2 January 2012

The Debut Post

"Eddie: Is champas all right with you Pats?
Patsy: Lovely darling."
You remember that scene from "Absolutely Fabulous", now, don't you? The one when main character Edwina (Eddie) Monsoon opens the fridge and asks, "Should we finish off the beluga or should we have some smoked salmon nibbly things?" And her best friend Patsy Stone answers, "Oh whatever sweetie." Eddie: "All right, we'll finish off the beluga."

That line is the starting point. Imagine you're fabulous. I mean, come on, you've landed on this fabulous blog, so you must be fabulous yourself. So you're fabulous, and I am fabulous, and we can say we're enjoying our fabulousness. Now, you've just finished off the beluga, haven't you sweetie?, and you don't feel like digging into the smoked salmon nibbly things. Not just yet. No, you'd rather have some nice little real-time meal. Something my Mama could've made. Good old Austrian cooking (i.e. garanteed tasty calorie bombs). Or perhaps something fancy, something exotic? Moroccan, maybe, or Thai, or even Indian? Or some posh high-brow French cuisine?

Well, pat yourself, sweetie. You've chosen the bestest place ever for that kind of hankering. This is, after all, the Fabulous Food Blog! A place where I will share my most fabulous recipes with you. No kidding, I will! With the odd home-made photo to show you how the result should look like (hopefully) or how it should absolutely not look like (I can't promise perfection, sweetie!). With tips and tricks, things to avoid, things you should remember, secrets and scandals (my, that tomato has such a slutty life-style, let me tell you!).

Welcome to you then, sweetie. Feel free to comment; feel free to enjoy; feel free to copy the recipes and give me your fabulous feetback.

We'll have a fabulous time here, I promise you. Now, if you could excuse me for a sec, my glass is empty; I'll have to get a champas refill right now... Right, cheers, thanks a lot, sweetie.


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