Sunday, 5 February 2012

Flambéed Kiwi Pie

It’s currently so icy in Paris that I wanted to see some summer warmth in my plate. That’s the reason why I’ve decided to prepare a Flambéed Kiwi Pie. It’s an easy enough recipe, and for those who like their cakes to be on the sour-sweet side, a real treat! It is rather sour, a bit like the famous French Lemon Pie (which I simply love) so be warned! I say this because my boyfriend’s comment was, “Ugh, I don’t like it!” “All the better for me, dude”, I said, “leaves more of it for me!”

The recipe I was following didn’t explain all the steps (as if, by some miracle, one could guess what to do!) but worry not, my sweeties: I will share the to-do’s and the not-to-do’s that I’ve learned the hard way (“learning the hard way” means I fucked up the first time, pardon my French, then fucked up something else the second time, pardon my French again, and finally, this time, I did it all right).

Uhm, by the way, I could be a total show-off by telling you I made the puff pastry myself. But you know what? I’m much too honest for that game. I simply bought a ready-to-use puff pastry in the supermarket. Pushed by the bad-bad-bad show-offy side that somehow survives in me, I did look up the recipe for the puff pastry (see? I am honest). But when I realized the preparation (and the step-by-step description) would have taken me hours, I decided I’d spare my karma such a negative input and would not lie to you. So there you are: puff pastry? Just buy it, for Heaven’s sake!

What you need: 
  • 8-9 kiwis 
  • 80 g of sugar 
  • 1 lemon 
  • 1 puff pastry 
  • 40 g of butter 
  • A small glass of Whisky 
How to proceed: 
  • Peel the kiwis. Whether you do it with a knife or a peeler doesn’t matter; it’s a sticky business because of the kiwi juice. 
  • Cut them into thick slices. 
  • Prepare the puff pastry: spread it out in the pie dish and prick it with a fork (otherwise it will expand during cooking; not so nice). 
  • Squeeze the lemon. 
  • Pre-heat your oven (200-220°C will do nicely). 
  • Heat the sugar and the lemon juice in a big casserole. We will want to get a nice caramel. The recipe told me to heat the sugar and once it had caramelized, to add the lemon juice. Smart asses! The sugar stuck to the casserole, and I was never able to make caramel with it! Thus, I deducted it might be better to add the lemon juice right in the beginning, and ta-daa! The caramel was wonderful! 
  • Add the kiwi slices and the butter. 
  • Caramel-fry the kiwis for 3-5 minutes. 
  • Add the Whisky. I said Whisky, so do not use anything else. Being no Whisky-aficionado (rather, like the late Queen Mum, a Gin-and-Tonic-fan), I hardly ever buy any, but I always have some rum at home (for cooking purposes only). So I tried it with rum. Not really yuck-yuck, but the taste of rum overwhelms all the rest. So, rum is a big no-no. Let’s stick with Whisky, if you don’t mind. 
  • Take a lighter and flambé your kiwis. The Whisky has to be hot, otherwise it won’t work (believe me, I took the casserole off the heat, for fear of burning something. Never flambéed anything that way!). 
  • Let the kiwis cool down. 
  • Put them on the puff pastry. 
  • Do not add the remaining juice! The recipe was very vague about it so I added it. Such a nice juice, it would be a pity to not use it, I told myself. Big, oh big mistake! The juice on top of the kiwis never hardened while cooking. It did run through the fork holes and under the puff pastry, though; and there, it hardened, of course. Afterwards, go and try to cut some nice cake slices with your puff pastry all but caramel-glued to the pie dish! It was a sheer disaster; oh no, we don’t want that, sweeties! 
  • Put the pie in the oven, 200-220°C, approx. 25 minutes (or longer; watch the pastry – when it turns black, you’ve left it too long in the oven – haha!). 
  • It’s ready: eat and enjoy! 
I simply love this pie; even loved it when I fucked up two or three things. It’s fresh, it tastes of summer heat, and – boyfriend preferring chocolaty sweets – I’ve got it all for myself! 
Bon appétit! 


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