Thursday, 15 November 2012

"Small Portions"

You might ask why, instead of sharing one of my fabulous recipes, I post about a book this time. No, no, it's alright, go ahead, ask!

Well, I want to share this Big Great Day with you. The day of my – gulp – Book Launch! “Small Portions” is out and available, and I'm beside myself with excitement. And there's even something for you in this book of mine, dear fabulous foodies out there!

Want proof? Then, read the following presentation of my latest “baby”:
“Small Portions” is a story that comes in… small portions. In precisely 111 little parts – AND a recipe. To explore the many facets of modern life, I have chosen the literary form of vignettes, those short impressionistic scenes that focus on one moment or give a trenchant impression about a character, idea, setting, object.

I'm telling my own story in what I hope are poignant scenes that vary from a snapshot of my christening in the early 70s to my father’s death in a skiing accident at the beginning of the 2000s. It’s small things I'm talking about, those many small things that compose a life – my life. I recall the painful process of coming out of the closet, relate the first encounters and love stories of my happy-go-lucky twenties, delve into aspects and turning points of two long-time relationships. I take you by the hand and guide you through the streets of Paris, the city I'm living in. I write about food and the internet and my travel experiences in Greece, Morocco, Vienna, Tunisia, London…

In just so many carefully chosen words, sometimes poetic, sometimes blunt, but always with wry and self-deprecating humour, I attempt to create little universes with each story. Each one stands alone, yet when you link them together, another story takes shape. The story of a life, the sketch of a person, the mirror of a time. Our time.

The Book Launch Price is set to 0.99 dollars on, 0.99 euros on and You can also purchase the book on any other local amazon platform such as or If you want to read my Kindle e-book, by the way, no need to buy the Kindle Reader. You just download the free reader from this amazon-link:

As much as I love my (hopefully large crowd of) future readers, I love feedback, comments, critique, too. Don't hesitate to stumble-upon this post, to tweet or retweet it, to put a link on your Facebook- or Google+-page, to Pin it and spread the word on whatever social media you can think of. Just go and tell everyone about this new book! Knock on your neighbours' doors, call your friends and family, mail everyone you know, write to your MP or senator, flood the local, national and international media with letters, faxes, telexes, phone calls, mails!

To purchase the book, just click on one of the links below:

And a special thanks to my friends Glynis, Neil, Janet and Joyce for supporting this Book Launch! What would I do without friends such as you?


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